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.. The Problem ..

Over the years we have been happy to use products without really thinking about their impact on us and the environment - as long as they did the job that was enough right?

The paint in your home is likely to contain all kinds of nasty chemicals - particularly oil based paints. Not all of these chemicals go away when the paint is dry and can have an affect on the wellbeing of people living in the house without them even knowing.

If you're interested in what might be hiding there have a look at this

So what's the alternative? Recent EU regulations limit the level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) so things are improving. However, most low VOC paints are made with acrylic so although they are less toxic, they are far from sustainable in environmental terms since acrylic is a petro-chemical product.

The answer, as far as I'm concerned, is to search for reliable, quality paint products made from natural ingredients - preferably from a renewable source. The solution isn't straighforward but every small step takes us closer to the goal.