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I spend a lot of time digging about the www looking for new paints and decorating supplies that might fit into my idea of environmentally friendly additions.

There is a frustrating amount of stuff out there that claims to be 'green' but is simply a company jumping on the eco bandwagon.  The manufacturers I wish to work with are those who have an ethical approach to product developement and then try to make a business on that foundation.  Too many are simply adding things to their range that play lip service to the green movement in order to retain a market share.  But in many cases all they do is remove a few undesirable chemicals or add other chemicals to cover up the fumes.  I even go as far as boycotting such companies - even though their products may perform well, I don't like the dishonesty behind their advertising.

So when I get time to sit and write (apologies if it isn't too often) I will add pages and links here for anyone who might be interested.

My favourite brands

Seeing past the eco hype