Greenpaints semi gloss

Test and Review - Greenpaints semi gloss

The range of paint from Greenpaints is limited to this semi gloss, a matt emulsion and a universal primer.  The semi gloss and wall paint are soya based which is why I wanted to try them.

I have been looking for something with a satin finish to use on woodwork, the Earthborn eggshell is good but some customers want a bit more of a sheen so I was quite pleased to have spotted Greenpaints on one of my Google expeditions.

So, according to the web page, this paint is very durable, soft sheen interior coating for wood, MDF and metal.

  • High solids give an excellent coverage of 8 - 10 square metres per litre.
  • Low odour, minimal VOC (<30g p/lt)
  • Made locally in The Cotswolds, based on a renewable and sustainable resource.

The fact it can be used on metal and MDF is a big plus point but this evaluation is just for use on wood - I might have a play with some MDF and metal at some point in the future.

The 'lab test' was done on an off-cut of skirting board which means I get a bit of flat and some curves to show off the finish.  The wood was sanded smooth and then I used two coats of a primer/undercoat to give a good solid base.

First impressions of the paint in the tin, it's pretty much ready to go without any thinning and almost feels like an oil paint - think double cream!  It's quick to dry and I was putting the second coat on after a couple of hours. There is a smell but it's very subtle and not at all unpleasant.

The following day the paint had dried to a nice silky finish - no brush marks -  and already felt quite tough.  Normally a paint needs a good seven to ten days to harden properly but I pushed my luck a bit and decided to drop a full can of WD40 (just happened to be to hand) to see what damage it would do.  I was surprised how little damage it actually did - it dented the wood of course, and split the paint. However, even where it had broken the surface of the paint I couldn't pick the paint off.  That's what I would be looking for - paint that won't flake off when it gets knocked.

It's not the whitest of whites but it's probably the ideal white, if that makes sense. Some are just too bright and clinical.

Having passed the controlled test I used the paint on a job for a customer who had wanted me to use natural paints.  So the walls were Earthborn Lifestyle and the woodwork was Greenpaints semi gloss.

After undercoating, the wood had two coats of the semi gloss.  The opacity wasn't brilliant but then again, it's about the finish as with any trim paints.  Places where I sanded the wood bare should have had two undercoats which would have helped.  But other than that, it was nice to use although I had to be careful because I had thinned it a little (which in retrospect I didn't need to) and I had a few issues with runs in the paint.  Some paints are just like that and you have to watch what you're doing.  Next time with this one I will use stright as it is from the tin and hopefully not have the same problem.

The customer was very happy with the result as was I so I will be more than happy using this again when someone wants a satin white finish.

The price of around £40 for 2.5L puts it in the range of good quality trade paints.  Get it online from Greenshop.